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N this section, we upload all our catalogues divided by theme.


The catalogues are all available to download in .pdf . For enquiries about any of the titles within these catalogues and to check their current availability, please contact us. We will be happy to provide the information required.



A fine selection of books ranging from £100 to £5000, including the 1540 edition of Alciati’s Emblemata, Joseph Barbou’s 1755 edition of Caesar’s commentaries, the first edition of John Horsley’s Britannia Romana and the first Nonesuch edition of Herodotus’ History.



Here you will find a fine selection of incunables, including a leaf from the Gutenberg Bible, a magnificently illuminated large folio edition of Pliny’s Natural History, Domenico Cavalca’s Pungi Lingua and a richly annotated copy of the Sententiarum libri IV by Petrus Lombardus.




 Catalogue of Magic and Occult Books and Drawings


The catalogue is divided in three parts: Printed books from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, here you will find a variety of rare and fine books on witchcraft and witch-trials, Satanic possession and magic, including works by Ficino, Iamblichus, Sinclair, Mather and Hutchinson; Modern editions, including the Golden Hind signed by the editors  Clifford Bax and Austin Osman Spare and a rich and varied selection of books by Aleister Crowley and John Symonds; Drawings by Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare and James Boswell.




60th New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, 5th – 8th March, 2020. List of Books and Artworks


Our selection of books and artworks, which will be exhibited at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair from 5th – 8th March, 2020. Please visit us at booth A14 at the Park Avenue Armory. We will be delighted to welcome you.


Price List

A Catalogue of Recent Acquisitions (2019):


A selection of great new entries, including one precious leaf from a 1455 Gutemberg Bible; two spectacular incunabula and other rare religious and political writings.


Catalogue of Medical, Anatomical and Dental Books:


A collection of medical writings, including a very rare English ms. about astrological medicine (no. 3); a unique presentation copy of Neander’s Tabacologia (no. 10) and Robert Hooke’s famous collection of scientific observations (no. 12).

Sets & Periodicals:


This catalogue displays our collection of full sets of volumes from celebrated authors. From the collected works of Aristotle printed by Aldus’ heirs (no.1) to Crowley’s The Equinox in ten volumes (no. 8), this catalogue offers access to the complete works of some of the greatest writers of the past.


Natural History Catalogue:


One of our best-represented subjects, the catalogue about natural history presents some exceptional work such as the first edition of Bloch’s Ichtyologie (no. 2); Grew’s Anatomy of Plants (no. 15) and the very rare account of the nature of Antigua by Lydia Byam, with original coloured plates (no. 4).


Illuminated Manuscripts & Miniatures:


Our catalogue of illuminated manuscripts and miniatures includes an exceedingly rare breviary made for the Abbey of Saint-Loup in Troyes, home of one of the finest workshops of the late fifteenth century (no. 2).


Crowley and Crowleyana:


Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947) is considered one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century because of his contribution to modern magic and the great influence that he had over occult studies. Here, we present unpublished and extremely rare material by Crowley himself; and other fundamental publications regarding his life and secrets. An unpublished, Baudlairian sonnet in French (no. 1) and a charcoal view from the Thelema Abbey near Palermo (no. 12) are among the most significative pieces of this collection.

Church and Religion
Inscribed Works