In this section you will find our collection of Printed Books which comprises fine, rare and important incunabula and printed books from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Here you will find books on a variety of subjects, such as Architecture, Archaeology, Classics, English Literature, Fashion & Costume, History, Military & Warfare, Natural History, Occult & Magic, Poetry, Religion and Science & Technology.

Our selection of Incunabula includes a leaf from a Gutenberg Bible (1455), Tauler’s and Eckhart’s first printed works (1498) and an illuminated folio edition of Pliny the Elder (1481).

Our extensive collection of Printed Books includes a richly illustrated edition of Hyginus’ work on astrology (1517), a rare edition about the Salem witch-trials by Cotton Mather (1693), a first edition of John Locke’s complete works (1714) and a presentation copy of Constatin James’s Voyage Scientifique à Naples (1844).