PEARSON’S MAGAZINE (Vols 9-12, 14, 33-36)

London, C. Arthur Pearson Ltd


Vols 9-12 bound in half calf and green buckram with floral pattern, hardback, gilt title to spine. Numerous illustrations. Spines deteriorated and very worn and chipped. 1900, lacking titles, 9 (Jan-June, pp. 680), 10 (July-Dec, pp. 744); 1901, 11 (Jan-June, pp. 680), 12 (July-Dec, pp. 744); 1902, 14 (July-Dec, pp. 744).

Vols 33-36 bound in dark brown buckram, hardback, gilt title to spine. 1912, 33 (Jan-June, pp. 680), 34 (July-Dec, pp. 760); 1913, 35 (Jan-June, pp. 696), 36 (July-Dec, pp. 744, ff. 1).

Pearson’s Magazine was a monthly periodical which first appeared in Britain in 1896. A US version began publication in 1899. It specialises in speculative literature, political discussion, often of a socialist bent, and the arts. Its contributors included Upton Sinclair, George Bernard Shaw, Maxim Gorky, George Griffith, H. G. Wells, Dornford Yates, and E. Phillips Oppenheim, many of whose short stories and novelettes first saw publication in Pearson’s. It was the first British periodical to publish a crosswords puzzle, in February 1922.