CALDEIRA, Emmanuel (ed.)

CALDEIRA, Emmanuel (ed.), Invictissimo Regi Lusitaniae Joanni IV. Academia Conimbricensis libellum dicat in felicissima sua aclamatione. Jussu Emanuelis de Saldanha…

Coimbra, expensis Universitatis, typis Didaci Gomez de Loureiro, 1641.




£ 5,000


FIRST EDITION. 4to. [xii] 122, §444 A-Q4 R3 (3) R1 S-X4 Z6 2A-2G4 2H2. Engraved frontispiece/t-p with a four-columns portico topped by the royal crest of Portugal; at centre, an oval encloses the portrait of King João IV, sided by the Kings João III, to the left, and Dinis, to the right (work signed by the artists José de Avelar and Agostinho Soares Floriano). Four folding plates showing acrostic poems and panegyrics celebrating João IV. Inscription of ownership by early author on both frontispiece and first leaf of text: “Ex Bibliotheca Cav. fr. Garnierii, Doctoris Theologi, Primarii Lotharingiae, Geographi, et Amicorum.” In contemporary limp vellum with small tear/hole on front cover, visible ties and title in ink on spine.


A fine copy of this rare book, a first and only edition, which is a collection of poems acclaiming the ascent of King João IV to the throne. Nicknamed the Restorer, this king ruled during the maximum territorial expansion of Portugal. The work is largely in verse, in Portuguese, Spanish and Latin.


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