SPARE, Austin Osman

SPARE, Austin Osman. From the Inferno to Zos: the Writing and Images (Vol. 1 only, of 3)

Seattle, First Impressions, 1993.






Folio (trade hard cover edition). “From the Inferno to the Zos”: (16), 30 p.; blank leaf; “A Book of Satyrs”: (32) p.; blank leaf; “The Book of Pleasure”: (4), 59, (1) p.; frontispiece; “The Focus of Life”: (8), 44, (2) p.; blank leaf;  “Anathema of Zos”: 21 (1) p.; “Automatic Drawing…”: (68) p.; “A Bibliography…”: (16) p.; “Exhibition Catalogues”: (18) p.; “Exhibition of Paintings”: (6) p.; ” Catalogue of…”: (2) p.; “Miscellany”: (6) p.. Gilt-stamped motives and title to front cover and spine. A fine copy.